FOR Bronte West


Doing more
than our part.

Howland Green Homes has ongoing partnerships with like-minded organizations like Forests Ontario to plant a minimum 100,000 trees on behalf of the entire Bronte West development. That works out to 757 trees per suite, that will remain untouched and help reduce its carbon footprint. Plus, each resident will receive a title certificate and a thank you for the trees, and for choosing Howland Green.

“At Howland Green, we firmly believe everyone has a responsibility to combat climate change.” says Dave De Sylva. “Trees are an ideal method of sequestering atmospheric carbon, and something we are deeply committed to. Now and well into the future.”


Bronte West is saving more than just the planet. Thanks to all its focus on conservation, it’s saving homeowners money. Featuring some of the lowest condo fees in the country, it’s making a strong economic case for ecology as well. Traditional condo fees are approximately 45 cents per square foot. Therefore a 1,000 square foot condo would cost you an additional $450 a month. But at Bronte West, it’s different. Here, condo fees are dramatically lower, estimating around 14 cents a square foot. This means a 1,000 square foot condo will cost you a mere $140 a month in condo fees. Just one more reason to call Bronte West, home.